After 20 years as a writing, composing and performing band artist, Diamusk finally releases her first solo album. Wadada is the word for love in the Ethiopian (Amharic) language and has been adopted and used widely by rastafarians. The album title is fitting for the artist’s strong belief in love as a driving force of life.

Strong solo debut
The singer-songwriter behind the artist name Diamusk, Adisa Zvekić, builds her solo career on a solid experience as one of the driving forces of the bands Gluho Doba, Dubioza Kolektiv and La Cherga. Adisa Zvekić now takes total control over her artistic work, going solo under her artist name Diamusk. In close cooperation with her husband and soulmate Aldin Hasanović, every aspect of the songs on this album carries the Diamusk signature.

Legacy and progress combined
Musically, “Wadada” has its roots in the Reggae / Dub genre that has been the musical mark of Diamusk’s earlier projects. The sound of the tracks blend in a wonderful mix where Diamusk plays elegantly with a number of genres. From the Chillout groove of Rescue and Night Bird’s Song, via the Fusion Jazz of No More War to the ethnic Electronica of Mother Earth and the striking UK Garage sound of The Screen, featuring Diamusk’s brother Adis Zvekić (Dubioza Kolektiv). While joyfully flirting with genres, Diamusk and Aldin Hasanović is always on top of the arrangement, mix and production to make sure all the tracks connect well into a wholesome Pop Reggae album.

Meaningful lyrics
The songs of “Wadada” carry strong messages of love, awareness and self assurance. Diamusk started her artist life while war was still ravaging the Balkans. Experiencing the post-war corruption and contiued tear-down of society, Diamusk knows what she talks about when urging us all to take control over our own lives. The love between people who are aware of their own importance and ability to think freely and see through elitist propaganda are key elements of Diamusk’s lyrics. While this well-produced album is a musical piece of art in itself, the message of the songs seen in context of the author’s background makes “Wadada” an album nobody can remain indifferent to.

All lyrics by Diamusk, except track 4 by Diamusk, Adis Zvekić.
All songs composed, arranged & mixed by Diamusk, Aldin Hasanović.
All songs performed by Diamusk except track 4 by Diamusk, Adis Zvekić.
All tracks recorded 2015 in ChildRoom Studio – Bergen, Norway.
Special appearance track 10 by Hallvard Lyssand – trumpet.

Produced for Fjord Sound Records by Aldin Hasanovic.
Mastered by Đani Pervan.
Executive producer: Kristian H. Resset.

Cover and booklet art, photo retouching & design by Sallex Perić.
Cover concept & creative directions by Diamusk, Sallex Perić.
Original “Diamusk” logo designed by Alem Sačak. 

Published by Fjord Sound Records – Bjoa, Norway.
℗ 2016 Fjord Sound Records. All rights reserved.
© 2016 Fjord Sound Records. All rights reserved.