Language of Clouds debut single out now

WHITE LIES which is co-composed and co-arranged by the Norwegian duo Language of Clouds, is written by vocalist Linn Kathrin Taklo. The track, featuring beautiful vocals and a floating summer ballad sound, was released globally in all major digital stores on Friday July 29.

This release is the first countdown for the album DAWN, due in September 2016. Like all tracks on the upcoming album, WHITE LIES is recorded and produced at Broen Studio in the city of Bergen, which lately has become the music capital of Norway with world famous hit music musicians like Kygo and Alan Walker originating from the same city.

Norwegian native vocalist and ukulele player LINN KATHRIN TAKLO and mexican born marimba player ENRIQUE CASTRO have teamed up with their year long combined musical experience into this exciting new duo which plans for an extensive live performance schedule in the near future, both within and outside of Norway. As both are known from the international music scene, there is an established and growing fan base anticipating the duo’s future releases.


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