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Bosnian born singer/songwriter Adisa Zvekić has been a performing artist since the 1990s. Her unique and powerful vocal talents have been vital contributions to the musical projects of bands like Gluho Doba against Def Age – GDADA (BIH), Dubioza Kolektiv (BIH) and La Cherga (AUT). From her home in Bergen, Norway, she has launched her own solo project under the artist name Diamusk.

Being co-founder of Zenica based Gluho Doba against Def Age – GDADA during Balkan war time allowed Adisa to distract herself from a situation of war darkness, hunger and hopelessness. Just as important, it proved a way to raise her voice and stand up for the values which every war threatens to destroy in a society.

Frustrated over government corruption and social regress in post war Bosnia, Adisa along with some of the GDADA members teamed up with members of the Sarajevo based band Ornamenti and started Dubioza Kolektiv in 2003. On Adisa’s part, this resulted in participation on 4 releases; Dubioza Kolektiv (album 2004), Open Wide (EP 2004), Dubnamite (album 2006) and Firma Ilegal (album 2008), as well as  performing hundreds of concerts all over Europe.

In 2008, Adisa left Dubioza Kolektiv and joined the band La Cherga, based in Graz, Austria with other members originating from Croatia, Macedonia and Jamaica. In 2011, the band released the critically acclaimed album Revolve with Adisa as lead vocalist. Together with La Cherga, she toured and performed live in numerous festivals and venues.

Moving to Norway in 2013, Adisa settled down to start a family and to begin the work with her solo project Diamusk. Her debut album Wadada, due for release in April 2016, marks the beginning of a phase in Adisa’s career where she is standing fully on her own two feet. All of lyrics, vocals, compositions, arrangements and production is done and performed by Diamusk herself, with able assistance from her husband.

With experience from several releases, more than 500 concert performances all over Europe and over 20 years of music experience, Adisa Zvekić is already an established artist of international format. The layers and deepness of lyrics to which no one can be indifferent combined with vocal powerfullness and musical talent, are key factors to Diamusk making a musical impact world wide.

“Lead vocalist Zvekic has the type of voice that immediately commands your attention no matter what language she is singing in. She not only has a great range, she is able to communicate through sound and intonation as much as she does with actual words.”
Music review: La Cherga – Revolve by Richard Marcus, 2011


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